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Putting in our two weeks notice

Potato Burritos here we come


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Angkor Wat

93 °F


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Toad Man

Ribbit Ribbit


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Wander Yonder

Dufree or go home...this one goes out to Austin Richards or shall we say Jack Mehoff...

In transit between beach paradises in the Andaman sea, we sailed towards a blazing boat. Our taxi boat turned rescue ship saved all of the life vested passangers as the heroic seamen battled the flames bucket by bucket. Our new destination was Koh Mook, an island once used by pirates to hide treasure. We spent a few days swimming during storms, kayaking, eating BBQ and sleeping in tents surrounded by cobras and komodo dragons. We decided the northern hemisphere was too farmiliar to us so we began the journey south to Bali. The mostly unevenful drive south was interuppted by an ulruly bus driver who attempted to run John down and in turn received a dented bus from Paige's hand. He responded by storming off the bus with a rolled up newspaper and that was our signal to leave. We finally caught our flight out of the second terminal we went to in Kuala Lumpur International Airport; only a mere 15 miles from the first terminal we went to. DSCN9689.jpgDSCN0049.jpgDSCN0282.jpgDSCN0371.jpgDSCN0398.jpgDSCN0033.jpgDSCN0030.jpgDSCN9709.jpgDSCN9818.jpgDSCN9693.jpgDSCN9721.jpgDSCN9787.jpgDSCN9843.jpgDSCN9998.jpg
We are writing this blog from an airport bar in Denpasar, Indonesia recapping our week in Bali. Our first couple of days we spent strolling alleyways, eating delicious local Dominos pizza, and sunbathing. We took a few different modes of transportation north to the cultural capital, Ubud, where we spent 2 days living in the home of Dewa and Jeru in Keliki Village. Our lovely homestay family had a home set amongst beautiful oceans of rice paddies and their own baby cow which we spent much time petting. We wandered the rice fields with Dewa who told us all about Balinese culture while showing us vanilla, coffee, chocolate, macadamia nut, and avacado trees. We caught wind that our friend Meagan Carey and crew happened to be in Ubud so we headed down to the city to try and find her. After several monkey attacks and many monkey lovins, we found them at a bar and did some serious catching up. We wish we would have had more time with them, but the southern beaches were really calling our name.
Our extravagant villa in Uluwatu was about a 5 minute walk from Padang Padang beach; a small cove populated more by monkeys and komodo dragons than by people. As we completed our walk in between the giant rock formations we found ourselves over looking crashing turqoise waves populated by surfers and perfect white sand. After two days of sunbathing, attemped surfing, and boogie boarding, we sadly departed for Kuala Lumpur.

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