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monkey riding 102

monkeys don't like monkey faces


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rabies maybes


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Island Hopping off the Andaman Coast of Thailand


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Please go to the Mountain

After a stint in the northern mountains of Thailand learning about the forest from a Buddhist Monk named Pinan Jim, we decided to travel south by train. Sleeper trains, expensive beers, early mornings and late nights, we found ourselves in the middle of Bangkok. An afternoon of showers, naps, and beers lulled us into the wrong time zone and we sprinted through rush hour Bangkok traffic just to to catch our train in motion. After 12 hours on a train, a short bus, the back of a truck, and a minivian, we found ourselves a few kilometers from the town of Krabi. After a few days spent walking through night markets and being featured on world wide radio, we were en route to the tropical paradise of Koh Lanta in the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. We have spent our days haloed by tropical fish, rasta colored palm fronds, vacant horizons, and (John's) pee warm waters. All of this is in preparation for our vacation to the Southern Hemisphere.DSCN9454.jpgDSCN9248.jpgDSCN9428.jpgDSCN9234.jpgDSCN9141.jpgDSCN9418.jpgDSCN9407.jpg

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